How to Evolve Pentagram in Vampire Survivors to get Gorgeous Moon

Evolve Pentagram Vampire Survivors to Get Gorgeous Moon

The Vampire Survivors March 12, 2022 update brought with it an evolution to Pentagram, known as Gorgeous Moon. Here’s a quick breakdown of Gorgeous Moon, as well as how to evolve Pentagram: What is Gorgeous Moon Weapon and item combo needed for Gorgeous Moon Specifications to meet for Gorgeous Moon to happen What is Gorgeous … Read more

How to Evolve Shadow Pinion to Get Valkyrie Turner in Vampire Survivors

Evolve Shadow Pinion in Vampire Survivors to Get Valkyrie

Valkyrie Turner is one of the newest weapon upgrades in Vampire Survivors (as of 5/15/2022). In this guide, we’ll quickly show you the steps you need to acquire this weapon combo. What is Valkyrie Turner Weapon and item combo needed for Valkyrie Turner Specifications to meet for Valkyrie Turner to happen What is Valkyrie Turner … Read more