Top 8 Gaming Keyboards for Big Hands & Fat Fingers

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If you have large hands, you can still play the best games on a gaming keyboard designed for big hands. These special keyboards usually have 20% wider keys than standard ones, as well as two additional inches of spacing. Additionally, many of these keyboards can be customized with more space. You can also customize the spacing to accommodate your large hands. Read on for some tips to find the best keyboard for big hands. Listed below are the Best Gaming Keyboards for Big Hands.

Logitech G19

Logitech G19 Gaming Keyboard for Large Hands

The first, and likely best, option for someone looking for a big hand gaming keyboard would be the Logitech G19. As you can see, this keyboard was ergonomically designed. Your hand placement will feel much more comfortable than other keyboards you’ve used. Also, there is a nice a mount of spacing between the keys. It comes with a color GamePanel LCD display, showing you game stats, system info, and even video playback and images!

Like many other keyboards, the G19 allows you to select the backlighting color. This personalization is a great touch, and means you can sync with your other equipment. And speaking of syncing, the G19 comes with 12 programmable “G-keys” and 3 macros per key provide space to program 36 single keypress or complex macros.

At the end of the day, this is a serious gaming keyboard for people with large hands to enjoy. A few games users recommend with this keyboard is World of Warcraft, Warhammer, Call of Duty and Fallout.

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 gaming keyboard for big hands is built with Cherry MX Red Low Profile switches. It also features a standard English keyboard layout. The box features the Corsair iCUE logo and other information about the keyboard. The keyboard is built for durability and looks great. Big hands should find this keyboard comfortable and will be able to enjoy long game sessions.

The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 gaming keyboard for big hands is designed with ergonomic design in mind. Its full-independent RGB backlighting is a big plus, and it has a dedicated button for cycling the brightness. Other features include 8MB of internal memory and three saved profiles. Lastly, it has a Win Lock button for ensuring your keyboard stays locked in your hands while gaming.

This sleek gaming keyboard for big hands has 87 keys, including media keys. The individual backlighting of each key can be customized via the iCUE software. The K70 RGB MK.2 has Axon hyper processing technology, which allows it to transmit input up to eight times faster than conventional gaming keyboards. Its Cherry MX key switches are super sensitive and detect key presses up to four times faster than standard gaming keyboards.

This keyboard is different from most wireless and laptop keyboards. It has multimedia buttons, rolling volume roller, and gorgeous RGB lighting. It also features a USB interface for easy pairing with multiple devices. Moreover, it comes with a battery life of up to five hours. There is also a special iCue app, which will allow you to customize every aspect of the keyboard.

The Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 is made of high-quality materials. Its aluminum backplate does not flex and feels very solid during long gaming sessions. If you have large hands, the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 gaming keyboard will be your best choice. It also has a two-year warranty and free shipping. The keyboard does require some learning to get used to, but it offers amazing typing experience. It registers all key presses, even in intense gaming sessions.

This mechanical gaming keyboard offers the best possible ergonomics for big hands. The backlight and wrist support make it comfortable for big hands and are ideal for use with high-end gaming systems. In addition to a backlit design, the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 mechanical gaming keyboard is also available in white and black. It comes with a large wrist pad for big hands.

Logitech K350

Logitech K350

A gaming keyboard with a natural curve mimics the natural shape of a human hand. The keyboard’s height varies between keys and is curved to accommodate fat and long fingers. Unlike other keyboards, the K350’s design makes it easier to grasp and type. It also comes with a wrist rest for comfort. And because it’s curved, it offers a quick learning curve.

The split design of this keyboard offers extra spacing for users with big hands. It also comes with a domed contour to support your wrists while playing games. The padded palm rest is attached to the keycaps for added support. The mouse has a thumb scoop for easy maneuverability. And it also features a unifying receiver for connection of up to six devices. So, even if you have big hands, you can still play games without the worry of having a cramped wrist.

Another great feature of the K350 Gaming Keyboard for Big Hands is its sculpted keys. These keys are large and feel hollow under your fingers. They also make a clickity-clack noise when pressed. There’s also a tactile bump in the middle of the keystroke, which reduces wrist pain and increases comfort levels. Despite the ergonomics and large size of the keyboard, it does come with some flaws. First, it produces loud keystrokes.

Another feature of the K350 is its wireless connection. No need to worry about messy wires or dongles anymore. The keyboard uses two AAA batteries for power and promises a three-year battery life. It also has wavy keys and a palm rest that cushions your hands. Other features include a fully customizable F-key layout and dedicated media keys. You can customize all of the keys according to your preferences.

This keyboard is made of good material, making it durable and ergonomic. The backlight is adjustable, too, which is convenient for people with fat fingers or large hands. Its design is also ergonomic and offers an above-average typing experience. It’s quiet, responsive, and is built with premium materials. This keyboard is compatible with both macOS and Linux systems, and it’s designed to be comfortable and ergonomic.

Aside from its ergonomic design, the Logitech K350 Gaming Keyboard for Small Hands comes with a number of features that make it an excellent gaming keyboard. Its high-quality plastic and advanced technology help you enjoy playing your favorite games with maximum comfort. It also offers a USB receiver and Bluetooth wireless technology, so you can connect it to multiple devices without any trouble. You can even connect it to multiple systems at the same time. It’s also compatible with most major operating systems, and works faster than a traditional keyboard.

The G213 Prodigy gaming keyboard is another good choice for gamers on a budget. It comes with rubber dome keys that feel light and respond quickly. A bonus is the fact that it also comes with a wrist rest for comfort while typing. A good gaming keyboard should have a wrist rest for comfort. Moreover, it should have good battery life and wireless compatibility. You can also use the keyboard wirelessly if you prefer.

Logitech Ergo K860

Logitech Ergo K860

If you have big hands and want a high-quality gaming keyboard, then consider the Logitech Ergo K860. This gaming keyboard has two distinct sections, each with a unique ergonomic design to promote proper posture and reduce muscle tension. If you’re new to ergonomic keyboards, it’s a good idea to spend a bit of time testing it out before you purchase one.

This keyboard has a curved design and is designed for large hands. It is ergonomically designed for people with large hands, and features a wrist rest and pillow to make typing more comfortable. You may even want to buy one of these if you’re worried about getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Whether you have big hands or average-sized hands, this keyboard is a great option for gaming.

Another key feature to look for in a keyboard is its size. If you have a big hand, you’ll likely need a bigger keyboard than normal. If this is the case, the Ergo K860 has a larger layout and wider keys than normal keyboards. It’s a little bit on the large side, but it’s still comfortable for gamers with big hands.

The keypad is a three-layer affair, with 4 millimeters of memory foam and 2 millimeters of high-density foam. Its knitted design makes it easy to wipe clean and sanitize. The Logitech Ergo K860 is a great gaming keyboard for big hands, so make sure you get one for yourself. Your fingers will thank you.

SteelSeries Apex Pro

SteelSeries Apex Pro

If you have big hands, you’ll want the SteelSeries Apex Pro Gaming Keyboard. It has a backlit keyboard and extra directional arrow keys for easier movement. While many gamers keep their hands on the mouse and WASD keys, they don’t necessarily use these keys for movement. The extra arrow keys can be dangerous if they’re used improperly. This keyboard has good ergonomics and a magnetic wrist rest to keep your wrists comfortable.

The steelSeries Apex Pro features an N-key rollover feature that automatically processes all keypresses. This means that you won’t accidentally hit a key or miss a key. Additionally, the keyboard is equipped with anti-ghosting, which helps prevent accidental keypresses and double-keystrokes. In addition, you can save key values for multiple games and mix them to suit your preferred style.

The mechanical keyboard has a mecha-membrane design that combines soft touch with crisp tactile clicks. This mechanical keyboard has a backlit keyboard and a full set of keys, including numbers. Despite its mechanical design, it may be difficult to clean. Surface oils and food tend to get on the keycaps and make them more sticky. So, if you have big hands, you may want to consider purchasing a different type of keyboard.

If you have big hands and prefer a mechanical keyboard, consider the Razer Blade RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard is made of aircraft-grade aluminum for a sturdy, durable frame. The keys are also ergonomically contoured to provide a comfortable grip. The wrist rest is also large and plush. Overall, the Razer Apex Pro Gaming Keyboard is the perfect choice for anyone with large hands.

Corsair K100

Corsair K100

The K100 Gaming Keyboard is the pinnacle of the Corsair K-Series. It packs nearly every feature from its predecessors, including bright lighting under the keys. In addition, it has improved media buttons and a smooth roll bar. For gamers with big hands, the K-Series keyboards offer an unmatched level of performance. However, if you’re on the fence about whether the K-100 is right for you, here are a few things to look for.

The K100 isn’t for everyone, but it is extremely versatile, offering customizable controls and high-performance mechanical switches. Although it’s not cheap, it provides great value for money. Its premium design and premium build will last for years. It has a polling rate of up to 4000Hz, which ensures smooth, fast key-pressing. It also features large, high-quality keys and an ergonomic wrist rest.

Compared to other gaming keyboards, the Corsair K100 is especially durable. It uses anodized aluminum for its top and bottom chassis. The rubber pads on the bottom are designed to reduce the risk of slipping, and the incline feet will keep the keyboard from moving even during intense use. A cable that runs through the keyboard is thick, stable, and braided for extra durability. Its two USB-A connectors are accessible, and it has pass-through ports for easy cable management.

TEWELL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

TEWELL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The K551-Rgb Redragon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a compact, durable keyboard. It offers anti-ghosting technology for gaming performance. Its 12 multimedia keys and contoured keycaps give fat fingers good grip and work efficiency. Moreover, it has full key rollover and anti-ghosting. It has an aluminum surface for durability and slightly elevated keys for flair look.

Another feature to look for in a mechanical gaming keyboard is its ergonomic design. Fat fingers may cause typing errors due to the lack of space. Furthermore, it features a lighting system that illuminates when you move your fingers towards the keys. This light can be turned off if not needed for long periods. Fortunately, it comes with an extended battery life of 10 hours. And since it’s a mechanical gaming keyboard, it’s very easy to clean, thereby preventing messes and spills.

Unlike other mechanical keyboards, this one has backlit keys for a more natural typing experience. The mechanical brown switches are very responsive and give you a tactile feedback. The RGB backlighting is optional, but it comes with eight spare switches for free. It also features a non-slip foot pad, enabling you to play games for longer periods of time without getting tired. A large, rubberized grip provides maximum comfort.


FIODIO gaming keyboard

Whether you’re a professional gamer or just a casual gamer, there’s a FIODIO gaming keyboard that will fit your needs. With its big keys and lightning-fast response, this mechanical gaming keyboard is a great choice for gamers and professionals alike. Listed below are the main advantages of this product. A large keyboard gives you a better chance of typing accurately, and you’ll have less eye strain and fewer mistakes.

The Kinesis Edge keyboard is a hybrid mechanical gaming keyboard with Cherry MX mechanical switches and a split ergonomic design. It offers high-speed responsiveness for gaming, versatile positioning, tons of effects, and near-infinite colors. A bonus: this keyboard comes with intuitive backend software. For large hands, the keyboards may get sticky with food and surface oils. But these keyboards do feature a two-year warranty.

Unlike past gaming keyboards, the FIODIO Blade features backlit keys. They are available in class-matching white and grey. The mechanical brown switches are paired with spherical keycaps, and the RGB backlight adds a touch of elegance. Big hands will also appreciate the keyboard’s ergonomic design, which includes a raised keycap for comfort. The non-slip footpad also enables you to play for extended periods of time without slipping or causing discomfort.

A full-sized gaming keyboard comes with a braided USB cable and keycap puller on the bottom. The two smaller boards have removable cables. The full-size keyboard has a metal top and beveled edges for a streamlined look. A USB connector makes it compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. You don’t need to install any additional software for the keyboard to work. And the keyboard can be plugged into any computer.

The Big Hand Gaming Keyboard Buying Guide

While, in some cases, you won’t be able to custom-fit your keyboard to your exact hand size, this guide will at least contain everything you need to keep in mind when purchasing a keyboard.

Keyboard size

At the end of the day, someone looking for a large hand gaming keyboard needs to consider the keyboard’s size. Obviously, don’t pay attention to anything outside of a full size keyboard. And every keyboard looks slightly different, so keep an eye out for one that has comfortable spacing between the keys.

Key shape

The shape of a keyboard’s keys can have a surprising impact on performance. Some have indents, others bubble out. Choose the one that works best for you.


Ergonomics can help make a gaming keyboard for large hands stand out. Many keyboards are very straight forward in their designs. Others, however, are created in a more ergonomic way, which can allow for more space. Find the option that feels best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a full size keyboard?

A full size keyboard will range from 104-108 keys and span close to 17 inches wide. This should be enough for most hands, regardless of their size. People who have large hands will want a full size (100%) keyboard instead of an 1800 keyboard, a 96% keyboard or a ten key-less keyboard.

Can I use a gaming keyboard for regular use?

Of course! If anything, you’ll notice improvements in your performance. And, while they weren’t created just for typing, they will give you everything at work and while playing games.

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