Dave the Diver Bluespotted Stargazer Location

If you’ve started the “Chinese Cuisine Contest” VIP Mission in Dave the Diver, you know that there are 4 ingredients needed before you face off with the other chef:

Chinese Cuisine Contest Requirements
  • Bluespotted Stargazer
  • Wheat
  • Olive Oil
  • Egg

Acquiring three of these ingredients is relatively straightforward, however, the location of the Bluespotted Stargazer isn’t quite straightforward. And doing a quick search online wasn’t very helpful either, so I created a quick guide that will hopefully help anyone else hoping to complete this mission.

Bluespotted Stargazer Location

Here’s where you can find the Bluespotted Stargazer in Dave the Diver:

  • In the Blue Depths (about 130-250m)
  • “It will hide itself in sand or mud and hunt shrimp, crabs, and other fish”
    • You’ll find it hiding in the sand in The Blue Depths (and will attack when you get close)

Here’s what the Bluespotted Stargazer looks like in Dave the Diver:

Dave the Diver Bluspotted Stargazer

And here’s a screenshot of what the Bluespotted Stargazer looks like in game:

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For some reason, when I looked online for Bluespotted Stargazer in Dave the Diver, I was shown a bunch of guides and pictures of the Rhinochimaeridae. Shown below:

Dave the Diver Rhinochimaeridae

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