Vampire Survivors Best Arcanas Tier List

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If you’ve been grinding Vampire Survivors and are now a bit confused by Arcana, we’ve got you covered. We’ve also been playing the game, so we decided to create a Vampire Survivors Best Arcanas tier list. Our methodology took into consideration the following:

When creating our Arcana tier list, we highly weighted the tier placement based on the Arcana effect, as well as which items were affected. Those Arcana that affected valuable items, and a lot of them, received better placements. Click below to get started:

All Vampire Survivors Arcanas and What They Do

Arcana NameArcana EffectHow to Unlock The ArcanaItems the Arcana Affects
Awake (IV)+3 Revivals (Start with +10% max health, +1 armor, and +5% to might, area, duration, speed).Level 99 w/ KrochiTiragisu
Chaos in the Dark Knight (V)Projectile speed constantly changes over 10 seconds (ranging from -50% to +200%).Level 99 w/ GiovannaBracer
Sarabande of Healing (VI)2X Healing and health recovery damages enemies for the amount of health received.Find RandomazzoBloody Tear, Celestial Dusting, Pummarola, Soul Eater, in-game Food
Iron Blue Will (VII)Affected weapon projectiles get up to 3 bounces and may pass through enemies/walls.Level 99 w/ GennaroAxe, Carrello, Death Spiral, Eight the Sparrow and Phiera Der Tuphello, Knife, Thousand Edge
Waltz of Pearls (XI)Affected weapon projectiles get +3 bounces.Level 99 w/ ImeldaCarrello, Cross, Fire Wand, Heaven Sword, Hellfire, Holy Wand, Magic Wand
Disco of Gold (XV)Picking up gold coin bags off the floor results in Gold Fever. Gold gives you HP that equals the amount of Gold received.31 minutes in Inlaid LibraryStone Mask, in-game coins (small, medium, large coin bags and treasure chest)
Slash (XVI)Affected weapons get critical hits that now have double critical damage.Level 99 w/ LamaAxe, Bloody Tear, Death Spiral, Heaven Sword, Knife, Thousand Edge, Whip
Lost & Found Painting (XVII)Duration constantly changes over 10 seconds (ranging from -50% to +200%).Level 99 w/ PoppeaSpellbinder
Boogaloo of Illusions (XVIII)Area constantly changes over 10 seconds (ranging from -50% to +200%).Level 99 w/ ConcettaCandelabrador
Heart of Fire (XIX)Affected weapons’ projectiles explode upon impact, light sources explode and character explodes after receiving damage.Level 99 w/ ArcaFire Wand, Hell Fire and in-game light sources

Vampire Survivors Arcana Tiers

S-Tier Arcana in Vampire Survivors

  • Slash (XVI) – Slash turns some of the worst weapons in Vampire Survivors into huge damage-dealers. For example, Whip is typically a D-tier starting weapon in Vampire Survivors, but becomes much more viable with the additional damage output from Slash.
  • Iron Blue Will (VII): Similar to Waltz of Pearls, Iron Blue Will gives a nice buff that allows projectiles to bounce. The big difference is the weapons affected, which are some of the better options. These weapons fire faster and do a bit more damage. Combined with Slash, this is a (potentially) OP pairing.

A-Tier Arcana in Vampire Survivors

  • Waltz of Pearls (XI): This is a very solid option, but it’s too similar to Iron Blue Will. The difference is that there’s no chance for projectiles to pass through enemies/walls and the weapons affected are different as well. Still very solid, but we think Iron Blue Will is a bit better.

B-Tier Arcana in Vampire Survivors

  • Chaos in the Dark Night (V): This is the best Arcana option when it comes to the few examples of Arcana with effects that fluctuate. In this example, projectile speed constantly changes, in a range of -50% to +200%, every 10 seconds. This can be difficult to work with at times, but can be quite useful as well.
  • Lost & Found Painting (XVII): Again, this is a difficult Arcana to measure based on the variability of the effects. But it affects some of the better weapon options in the game, making it a solid choice.

C-Tier Arcana in Vampire Survivors

  • Heart of Fire (XIX): This Arcana pairs very well with Fire Wand, due to the fact that light sources explode upon impact. Fire Wand is already a B-tier starting weapon in Vampire Survivors, and this Arcana just makes it better.
  • Sarabande of Healing (VI): This is an extremely powerful Arcana, especially late game. But there are other Arcana that out-perform this one over time. It provides no value when your character is not healing, making it slightly situational.

D-Tier Arcana in Vampire Survivors

  • Boogaloo of Illusions (XVIII): Another example of Arcana that fluctuates, this one affecting the area of effect. Again, it’s just difficult to effectively gauge what you’ll be getting, making it hard to rely on in runs.
  • Awake (IV): Awake sounds good on paper but is only useful when your character gets killed. You are given an additional 3 revives, with boosts to stats after each Revive. This can help extend runs, which is nice, but other Arcana can boost your character throughout runs, instead of boosting your character at the very ends of your runs.

F-Tier Arcana in Vampire Survivors

  • Disco of Gold (XV): Disco of Gold is situational, in that it only triggers when you have picked up Gold in game. Doing so gives your character HP equal to the gold picked up. With this only being triggered in specific circumstances, and only affecting HP (where there are other options that give you HP and also provide other benefits), this is simply not a viable option.


And that’s the list! Let us know what you think, as well as if you’ve unlocked all of these collections in Vampire Survivors already.

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