Who is Vecna in DnD?

Who is Vecna in DnD

If you’ve watched the newest season of Stranger Things and are wondering who Vecna is, I’ve created an in-depth guide that walks through the lore in DnD. While we know that Vecna is a character in Dungeons & Dragons, there is some interesting history you should know that will make the TV show that much … Read more

In DnD Why is Medicine Wisdom-Based?

In DnD Why is Medicine Wisdom-Based

If you’ve roleplayed a wisdom-based character, you’ve probably wondered why Medicine checks reference your character’s Wisdom stat. The common question is, “Why would being ‘wise’ have anything to do with mending wounds?” So, if you’ve been wondering in DnD why is Medicine Wisdom-based, here’s the answer: Something important to keep in mind here is that … Read more