Vampire Survivors Weapon Combos Tier List

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If you’re looking to up your game in Vampire Survivors, you need to know about weapon combos. Not only are they essential for progressing through the game, but some of them can be incredibly powerful. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of all the weapon combos in the game, as well as tell you which ones are the best!

Let’s get started:

Current Vampire Survivors Weapon Combos List

Weapon UpgradeWeapon/Item Needed
Bloody TearWhip + Hollow Heart
Holy WandMagic Wand + Empty Tome
Thousand EdgeKnife + Bracer
Death SpiralAxe + Candelabrador
Heaven SwordCross + Clover
Unholy VespersKing Bible + Spellbinder
HellfireFire Wand + Spinach
Soul EaterGarlic + Pummarola
La BorraSanta Water + Attractorb
NO FUTURERunetracer + Armor
Thunder LoopLightning Ring + Duplicator
Gorgeous MoonPentagram + Crown
PhieraggiPhiera Der Tuphello + Eight the Sparrow
MannajjaSong of Mana + Skull O’Maniac
VandalierPeachone + Ebony Wings
Vicious HungerGatti Amari + Stone Mask
Valkyrie TurnerShadow Pinion + Wings

Vampire Survivors Weapon Combos Tier List

S-Tier Vampire Survivors Weapon Combos

The weapon combos in this list are, by far, the best weapon combos in Vampire Survivors. Our methodology was choosing weapon evolutions that provided multiple benefits, aside from pure damage output.

Unholy Vespers

  • What it does: Similar to the King Bible, Unholy Vespers is a ring of, what looks like, red/black bibles that spin clockwise around your character.
  • Base Damage output: 30
  • Base Area: 1.75
  • Base Cooldown: 3
  • Base Critical chance: N/A
  • Additional benefit(s): Slight increase in area, +3 knockback. Cooldown no longer depend on duration, so you could have more than 1 circle active at a time. Cooldown = duration by default, so there’s no downtime.
  • Why ITEM is an S-tier weapon combo: Although the hit delay is 1.7 seconds, with an increase to the area and knockback, as well as the cooldown benefit, this is a solid option for DPS and protection. This pairs well with Soul Eater.

La Borra

  • What it does: Just like Santa Water, La Borra is a weapon that causes holy water to rain down from the sky.
  • Base Damage output: 40
  • Base Area: 2
  • Base Cooldown: 0.5
  • Base Critical chance: N/A
  • Additional benefit(s): Bigger area, increased duration, lower cooldown, increased number of projectiles and projectile limit. Plus, pools will slowly follow the play, increasing in size as they travel. The increase in size/speed is based on Projectile Speed and Movement Speed.
  • Why La Borra is a B-tier weapon combo: This weapon combo is great when it comes to spreading out damage across the field. It offers other benefits as well.

Thousand Edge

  • What it does: Never-ending stream of knife projectiles fired in the direction your character is facing.
  • Base Damage output: 16.5
  • Base Area: 1
  • Base Cooldown: 0.35
  • Base Critical chance: 50% (3X multiplier)
  • Additional benefit(s):
  • Why Thousand Edge is an S-tier weapon combo: With complete control over the direction this weapon fires, unlimited range, low cooldown, and speed, most enemies will be held at bay and taken off the field in a short amount of time.

A-Tier Vampire Survivors Weapon Combos

Heaven Sword

  • What it does: Just like the Cross, this is a boomerang projectile that fires in one direction, spins, and heads the opposite direction.
  • Base Damage output: 77
  • Base Area: 1.2
  • Base Cooldown: 3.3
  • Base Critical chance: 10% (2.5X multiplier)
  • Additional benefit(s): Projectile speed doubled, base damage more than doubles, capable of dealing critical hits, +5 knockback increase
  • Why Heaven Sword is an A-tier weapon combo: While there are some nice buffs given to this weapon combo, it’s clear that was done because of the drawbacks (less projectiles fired, less total projectiles, and cooldown increased). Still a solid option.

Death Spiral

  • What it does: shoots out 9 projectile scythes that pass through enemies
  • Base Damage output: 60
  • Base Area: 1.2
  • Base Cooldown: 4
  • Critical chance: 30% (2X multiplier)
  • Additional benefit(s): Scythes are bigger, but have damage reduction (-20) and slower projectile speed (good and bad as it stays on screen longer)
  • Why Death Spiral is a B tier weapon combo: This is a solid damage option, when it comes to hitting many targets at once, but not when it comes to total damage output. Also, since the scythes don’t de-spawn, you can run in the direction of the scythes and get continued use out of them.


  • What it does: 4 lasers shoot out from your character, rotating in a clockwise direction.
  • Base Damage output:
  • Base Area:
  • Base Cooldown
  • Base Critical chance:
  • Additional benefit(s): Projectiles can pass through walls. Additional revivals give Phieraggi +1 amount and damage each, with a max of +10 each.
  • Why ITEM is an X-tier weapon combo: Viable as a primary damage-dealer due to the amount of projectiles and spinning effect, this is a solid option. Also, when combined, an additional weapon slot becomes available. Although, projectile speed is lowered and there’s a decrease in interval and knockback.

B-Tier Vampire Survivors Weapon Combos


  • What it does: Shoots meteor projectiles slowly through all enemies.
  • Base Damage output: 100
  • Base Area: 1
  • Base Cooldown: 3
  • Base Critical chance: N/A
  • Additional benefit(s): Base damage increased, can now pass through walls.
  • Why Hellfire is a B-tier weapon combo: Although the damage is higher, the projectile speed is slower, and the amount and amount limit are decreased. Interval is also increased quite a bit. With spinach being a required item for this combo, the pure amount of damage alone makes it worth it.

Holy Wand

  • What it does: Automatically target and fire at enemies without delay.
  • Base Damage output: 30
  • Base Area: 1
  • Base Cooldown: 0.5
  • Additional benefit(s): No delay
  • Why Holy Wand is a B-tier weapon combo: While Holy Wand is a great option for single-target enemies, it doesn’t produce a huge amount of damage, can be less effective against groups, is sometimes difficult to choose specific enemies to damage, and doesn’t offer much else when it comes to additional benefits.


  • What it does: An upgrade of the Runetracer weapon, NO FUTURE fires a laser in random directions that ricochet off the screen boundaries and objects in game, and pass through enemies.
  • Base Damage output: 30
  • Base Area: 1
  • Base Cooldown: 1
  • Base Critical chance: N/A
  • Additional benefit(s): NO FUTURE explodes upon each bounce, explodes when you receive damage, has higher speed and no interval.
  • Why NO FUTURE is a B-tier weapon combo: This is primarily a crowd clearing tool, as you can’t control the direction. There are some interesting benefits to this upgrade, but the kicker is that it benefits from every passive item. Because of the way it can pierce enemies, as well as the AOE explosions, this weapon combo can do significant damage.

Valkyrie Turner

  • What it does: Flames appear behind your character, dealing damage to enemies that walk through them.
  • Base Damage output: 35
  • Base Area: 1.4
  • Base Cooldown: 6
  • Base Critical chance: N/A
  • Additional benefit(s): Increased area of effect, duration, speed and damage.
  • Why Valkyrie Turner is a B-tier weapon combo: When you evolve Shadow Pinion, there are multiple buffs that come into play. The decrease in amount and potential difficulty in aim (since it only fires behind your character) move this down a few tiers.

C-Tier Vampire Survivors Weapon Combos

Soul Eater

  • What it does: Similar to garlic, Soul Eater deals damage in a radius around the player.
  • Base Damage output: 20
  • Base Area: 3
  • Base Cooldown: 1
  • Base Critical chance: N/A
  • Additional benefit(s): The new black aura around your character has an increased area and base damage, enemies will take more knockback (+0.3 until max they can take), are vulnerable to freeze (-0.1 until it goes to 0). Soul Eater also has a chance to heal 1 point of health when an enemy is killed. Plus, Soul Eater gains +1 damage for every 60 HP earned (with a max of +60 damage/3600 health points).
  • Why ITEM is a C-tier weapon combo: The primary function of Soul Eater is to prevent enemies from getting to you and giving your character a small amount of HP. This becomes less useful over time.

Thunder Loop

  • What it does: Lightning strikes down, dealing damage to random enemies.
  • Base Damage output: 65
  • Base Area: 4
  • Base Cooldown: 4.5
  • Base Critical chance: N/A
  • Additional benefit(s): Each lightning strike has an additional echo lightning strike (essentially, deal two lightning strikes), which essentially offers an X2 to the number of attacks. Area effect bonus.
  • Why Thunder Loop is a C-tier weapon combo: A crowd-clearing weapon combo that deals random damage to enemies, Thunder Loop won’t do enough on its own to be your primary weapon. It can, however, fit in with most builds (plus, Duplicator is needed for this weapon upgrade which helps with many other weapons).


  • What it does: A wave of energy shoots vertically from your character, following your character’s movement.
  • Base Damage output: 40
  • Base Area: 6
  • Base Cooldown: 4.5
  • Base Critical chance:
  • Additional benefit(s): Significantly wider area, enemies hit are slowed and receive -0.05 speed (after 16 hits, their speed will be 1/5 the original)
  • Why Mannajja is a C-tier weapon combo: Although the enemy slow effects are nice, this weapon doesn’t do a ton of damage and is limited to directly above and below your character.

Bloody Tear

  • What it does: Similar to the Whip, Bloody Tear attacks horizontally from your character.
  • Base Damage output: 40
  • Base Area: 1.3 (+10%)
  • Base Cooldown: 1.35 seconds
  • Base Critical chance: 10%
  • Additional benefit(s): Heals 8 points of health if an enemy is hit with a critical attack – 1 second cooldown on healing effect.
  • Why Bloody Tear is an S-tier weapon combo: Unfortunately, the passives that come with Bloody Tear are not enough to outweigh the whip itself, which is difficult to control and doesn’t scale well.

D-Tier Vampire Survivors Weapon Combos


  • What it does: Bird flies around your character, bombarding the field with projectiles in two circular patterns.
  • Base Damage output: 28
  • Base Area: 2.2
  • Base Cooldown: 1
  • Base Critical chance: N/A
  • Additional benefit(s): Increased projectile speed and pool limit.
  • Why Vandalier is a D-tier weapon combo: The circling bird damage can be difficult to aim/land. On top of that, the base damage decreases upon evolution and the cooldown increases. On the upside, you do get an additional item slot.

Vicious Hunger

  • What it does: Giant cat eyeballs summoned, dealing damage in a straight line.
  • Base Damage output: 30
  • Base Area: 1
  • Base Cooldown: 8
  • Base Critical chance: 10
  • Additional benefit(s): Increased damage
  • Why Vicious Hunger is a C-tier weapon combo: With a decrease in duration and amount, and increase in cooldown, there are some de-buffs that outweigh the buffs. On top of that, Vicious hunger has the chance to transform enemies and gems into gold coins. This can be good or bad depending on the run.

F-Tier Vampire Survivors Weapon Combos

Gorgeous Moon

  • What it does: Erases enemies on screen, keeping the pickups and generates additional XP.
  • Base Damage output: N/A
  • Base Area: 1
  • Base Cooldown: 60
  • Base Critical chance: 100
  • Additional benefit(s): 3 attack phases: Generation (moon symbol appears on the ground and attacks enemies), Erasure (crescent moon symbol appears and shatters, erasing enemies like Pentagram, but also doesn’t destroy any enemies, instead dropping additional gems), Vacuum (waning symbol appears, attracting gems and coins to your character)
  • Why Gorgeous Loop is a D-tier weapon combo: Gorgeous Moon is a D-tier combo purely because Pentagram is required, which can be destructive early game. Also, the XP benefit late game isn’t very helpful, since you should already be leveled up enough to take out enemies and earn XP.


And that’s the list! Unlocking and upgrading these weapons is extremely fun, especially if you pay close attention to your Vampire Survivors collection list like I do.

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