Dave the Diver Horned Parrotfish | Location, How to Capture, and More

Dave the Diver Horned Parrotfish

Occasionally in Dave the Diver, you’ll receive a request to take a picture of various fish, like the Horned Parrotfish. So, where is the Horned Parrotfish in Dave the Diver and how do you capture it? I had some trouble, so I broke it out into this guide:

Dave the Diver Horned Parrotfish Location

As is sometimes the case in Dave the Diver, the instructions on the location of the Parrotfish are a bit vague: “Capture near the boat wreckage.”

Now, I at first thought by “boat wreckage”, the game meant the yellow delivery shipwreck, but that’s not the case. So don’t waste your time there.

  • The Horned Parrotfish can be found in the shallow part of the ocean, around 30m
  • It can be discovered on the weekend
  • As you get closer to the fish’s location, you’ll start to hear a beeping.

So don’t go too deep and keep in mind what day of the week it is when you start looking!

How to Capture the Horned Parrotfish in Dave the Diver

Okay, so it’s a little tricky, but here’s what you should keep in mind:

  • The Horned Parrotfish will charge you. It may be best to have an upgraded suit or air tank (as well as an upgraded gun)
  • Shooting it in the face will do no damage
  • You need to shoot the Horned Parrotfish from beyond, after it charges you. I did this, and was able to take it down in just a few shots (with my level 2 gun).
  • After it’s been shot a couple times, you simple go up to the fish and press the space button

Spoiler! Here’s the conversation that happens after you capture the Horned Parrotfish:

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