Synaptic Static 5E Guide

With Synaptic Static, create chaos in the minds of your enemies in an impressive 20-foot radius sphere, dealing a high amount of damage and causing them to become confused! This guide will dive into what the spell is, showing how good it can be, and looking at common use cases.

What does Synaptic Static do in D&D?

Synaptic Static is a 5th level Enchantment spell in D&D. Here are some pieces of information you’ll want to know:

Spell Level5th
Spell TypeEnchantment
Casting Time1 Action
Range120 ft (20 foot radius)
Saving ThrowIntelligence
Component RequirementsVerbal, Somatic
DurationInstantaneous (additional effects last up to 1 minute)
ClassBard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard
At Higher LevelsN/A

How does Synaptic Static work?

With Synaptic Static, you choose a point within 120 feet and cause a 20-foot radius sphere to explode with psychic energy!

Here’s how Synaptic Static works in 5E:

  • Choose a point within 120 feet of you
  • Each creature in a 20-foot radius sphere must make an *Intelligence saving throw
  • Creatures that fail the Intelligence save take 8d6 psychic damage
  • Creatures that succeed on their Intelligence save take half of 8d6 psychic damage
  • Also, upon a failed Intelligence saving throw, the creature’s thoughts are confused for up to 1 minute. Every time the creature rolls an attack, ability check, or Constitution saving throw to maintain concentration, they also roll 1d6 and minus that number from the total. At the end of each turn, the creature can roll another Intelligence saving throw to end the effect.

Is Synaptic Static good in 5E?

Yes, the DnD 5E Synaptic Static spell is a great option.

Synaptic Static in DnD 5E is a damage spell used in combat. There aren’t too many use cases outside of that. Specifically, though, this should be used when fighting mobs. I would reserve other damage spells if you’re fighting a tough single enemy.

If you’re in a team fight with a lot of enemies, Synaptic Static is a really great spell. The damage is ok, but the additional crowd control from the muddled mind affect that comes from the failed Intelligence save can be game-breaking (depending on who you’re fighting). Intelligence saves aren’t very common, so having a spell that can cause damage to a horde of enemies and ALSO require an intelligence saving throw is nice.

What to keep in mind before casting Synaptic Static

Although this is a great spell, there are a few things to keep in mind before preparing Synaptic Static:

  • Synaptic Static won’t work on low intelligence creatures: This is likely not something you’ll have to worry about in many circumstances. But it’s worth keeping in mind that creatures with an Intelligence Score below 3 are not affected by Synaptic Static.
  • Mediocre damage: If Synaptic Static was purely a damage spell, it would be pretty mediocre for a 5th level spell! The fact that there are other elements included makes it much more viable.
  • Other crowd control options: Because Synaptic Static only affects attack rolls, ability rolls, and concentration checks, creatures could still cast non-attack spells on you and get past the CC.

DnD Classes that can cast Synaptic Static

Who can cast Synaptic Static? If you choose one of the following classes, you can look forward to this spell:

  • Bard
  • Sorcerer
  • Warlock
  • Wizard

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Synaptic Static affect saving throws?

No, Synaptic Static only affects attack rolls, ability rolls, and concentration checks rolled to maintain concentration.

Does Synaptic Static stack?

No, typically, effects like this don’t stack. If a creature already had Bane cast on it, you could safely assume they’d just take the minus d6 instead of both a d4 and d6.

Synaptic Static vs Fireball

Which is better between Synaptic Static and Fireball? As far as I can tell, there are two primary differences. First, Fireball is a 3rd level spell and Synaptic Static is a 5th level spell. They both deal 8d6 damage, so upcasting Fireball as a 5th level spell would give Fireball the edge. But the muddled mind that Synaptic Static is what makes it better than Fireball to me. It’s a higher level spell, but it will do, basically, the same amount of damage as Fireball and hit extra hard when creatures fail the Intelligence saving throw.

Synaptic Static 5E: Conclusion

Synaptic Static is a great spell that rivals fireball, with some extra utility included! I would consider including it in any combat, especially when there are multiple enemies.

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