How to Get Axew in Pokemon Go

Recently updated on May 25th, 2022 at 04:49 pm

If you’ve been playing Pokemon Go for a while, you know the struggle of catching a new Pokemon (or one you don’t have yet). In particular, many Trainers out there have been scratching there head wondering how they can get their hands on Axew. In theory, this Pokemon can appear just about enywhere in the wild, but the spawn rate is incredibly low. So keep that in mind if you’re on the West Coast of the United States, struggling to find an Axew, wondering if there’s a better spot to find Pokemon in California, because the real issue is the spawn. On top of that, the Pokemon doesn’t nest, so it’s even more difficult. Axew has also not been featured in a raid yet.

Because of the rarity of Axew, it’s quite difficult to evolve or level up. For those Trainers who can find and catch their first Axew, it’s hard to get it more experience, aside from making it your buddy and walking everywhere. As your buddy, you’ll get an Axew candy per 5km walked (2.5km if it’s excited).

How to Catch Axew in Pokemon Go

The process to catching Axew in Pokemon Go is fairly simple:

  • Try to discover Axew during its spotlight hour
  • Use a lure, and pop an incense, at a PokeStop
  • Be sure you have plenty of Great Balls, Ultra Balls, Pokeballs and Razz Berries
  • You can also try hatching eggs to get your hands on an Axew (there’s about a 2% success rate of getting an Axew from an egg)

And that’s it! Don’t be frustrated when trying to get Axew, as it’s one of the rarest of wild spawns out there.

Is there a Shiny Axew?

There currently is not a shiny version of Axew, but Niantic announced that there would by a shiny Axew featured in Pokemon GO Fest (June 2022).

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