How to Defeat the Vampire Survivors Green Reaper

Many Vampire Survivors players have been frustrated by the green reaper that randomly spawns on Dairy Plant. He appears to not take damage and will instantly kill players. But that’s not true! Here’s a quick guide on how to defeat the green reaper in Vampire Survivors (as well as what you get if you can do it):

How to defeat the Vampire Survivors Green Reaper

The green reaper can be destroyed with the help of a map wipe or significant damage:

  • Rosary – this map wipe will destroy all creatures, the green reaper included
  • Pentagram – this weapon, just like the Rosary, will wipe the map (along with the green reaper)
  • Mine cart – line it up right and the mine cart will run over the green reaper, taking it out in the process
  • Run away – while not necessarily defeating the green reaper, if you avoid it for 1-2 minutes, it will de-spawn

The award for defeating the Green Reaper in Vampire Survivors

Upon killing the green reaper in Vampire Survivors, users will gain the following:

  • Red gem
  • Treasure chest
  • Secret character unlock: Toastie (with the stipulation that Exdash Exiviiq must already be unlocked)
    • Toastie is a ghost character with Peachone as a weapon, which complements Exdash’s Ebony Wing

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