How to Unlock Magic Banger in Vampire Survivors

Recently updated on May 24th, 2022 at 04:19 am

In May 2022, the 0.5.2 patch of Vampire Survivors came, which brought with it a new relic called Magic Banger that allows players to choose the music and pace they want played on any stage in Vampire Survivors. Unlocking Magic Banger is as simple as finding the item. Here’s where to find Magic Banger in Vampire Survivors:

  • Find the Milky Way Map – Step 1 in finding the Magic Banger is unlocking the Milky Way Map, which came with this update as well. Once unlocked, this makes finding the Magic Banger much easier.
  • Inlaid Library – After the Milky Way Map has been unlocked, queue into a game of Vampire Survivors, choosing the Inlaid Library. If you have unlocked the Milky Way Map, the location of Magic Banger will be shown by a new green arrow. Follow that green arrow and it’ll lead you to the Magic Banger. It’s important to note that it is not defended by enemies, so you simply need to find the Magic Banger and pick it up.

Now, finding the Milky Way Map isn’t vital here. You can still stumble your way into finding Magic Banger without the map, but the green indicator makes it much, much easier.

Some more information about Magic Banger and the 0.5.2 patch

The Magic Banger is a cool relic that gives the following:

  • Players can now permanently change the music during the stage selection process. This is a nice change, as the music has been locked to which character, stage or weapon was selected.
  • Players are now given access to 3 different variations of a track:
    • Normal – this version plays the normal version of your music choice
    • Hyper – this version will speed up your song choice
    • Forsaken – this choice has the opposite effect of Hyper, slowing down your song choice

Magic Banger brings a unique user experience-focused update to the game. Instead of being a new character, stage, or weapon combo (like Gorgeous Moon or Valkyrie Turner),this gives an interesting quality of life update. Listening to songs sped up can make each run feel like there’s more on the line. Conversely, Forsaken tracks do a great job at making each map and run feel creepy.

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