Dave the Diver Reticent Girl Guide | White Trevally, Kelp, Soy Sauce

Occasionally in Dave the Diver, you’ll have a customer come in requesting a new dish that hasn’t been made yet. The Reticent Girl sub mission requires that you “serve food that Make wants.”

That’s not very specific, haha.

This sub mission requires that you acquire the following ingredients:

I compiled a quick guide, breaking down the sub mission into it’s component parts:

Where to Find White Trevally in Dave the Diver

It took me some time to find White Trevally in Dave the Diver, which is why I wrote this post. But now that I have, it’s pretty easy. Here are the conditions where you can get white trevally:

  • While diving during the day time
  • Between 50-130m under water

These fish are identifiable by their white bodies and yellow tails. Here’s a quick screenshot of some white trevally while the Reticent Girl mission was active:

White Trevally Dave the Diver

Luckily, as is the case in the other missions in Dave the Diver, the fish will have that classic blue icon above them.


You may have already seen Kelp if you’ve been playing Dave the Diver. It can also be found between 50-130m.

Soy Sauce

Soy Sauce can be found throughout the ocean in those red cooking pots. Search for a bunch and you’ll eventually find some, if you haven’t already!

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