Borrowed Knowledge 5E Guide

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This Borrowed Knowledge 5E Guide breaks down everything you need to know about the spell, what it does, common use cases, and more! Click below to get started.

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What is Borrowed Knowledge in 5E?

Borrowed Knowledge is a 2nd level Divination spell in D&D. Here are some pieces of information you’ll want to know:

Spell Level2nd
Spell TypeDivination
Casting Time1 Action
Component RequirementsVerbal, Somatic, Material (book worth 25+ gp)
Duration1 hour
ClassBard, Cleric, Warlock, Wizard

How does Borrowed Knowledge work?

The 5E Borrowed Knowledge spell does one thing:

The caster of the Borrowed Knowledge spell gains temporary proficiency in any skill. By casting this spell, you instantly gain proficiency in a skill of your choice for 1 hour.

Is Borrowed Knowledge good?

Generally, this is a good spell. There is a wide range of skill options in D&D, and it’s always helpful to have proficiency before making a roll! So yes, this is a good spell to have on your spell list and use when needed.

What to keep in mind before casting Borrowed Knowledge

While it is a good spell, the important thing to keep in mind is:

  1. Borrowed Knowledge can be situational. Again, you can get proficiency in any of the skills, but that may not be necessary in the situation your characters are in.
  2. It’s a 2nd level spell. To be quite frank, this may not be a viable spell at lower levels, purely based on the number of spell slots available and what your other spells will give you.

How to get Borrowed Knowledge

By choosing the bard, cleric, warlock, or wizard class, Borrowed Knowledge will be available to your character.

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