What Are Martial Weapons DnD 5E

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What are martial weapons in D&D? A martial weapon is a melee weapon that is designed for hand-to-hand combat. These weapons are typically simple and easy to use, making them ideal for fighters and other characters who rely on their physical prowess in battle. In this blog post, we will discuss the different types of martial weapons available in the D&D universe, as well as some examples of each type.

The Different Types of Martial Weapons in D&D

There are three main types of martial weapons in D&D:

One-handed martial weapons

These weapons can be wielded in one hand and are typically lighter and easier to use than two-handed weapons.

Examples of one-handed martial weapons: Examples of one-handed martial weapons include the longsword, rapier, and scimitar.

Two-handed martial weapons

As the name suggests, these weapons must be wielded with both hands. Two-handed martial weapons tend to be larger and heavier than one-handed weapons, making them more difficult to use. However, they often deal more damage than one-handed weapons.

Examples of two-handed martial weapons: Examples of two-handed martial weapons include the greatsword, halberd, and pike.

Versatile martial weapons

Many martial weapons can be used with one or two hands, making them versatile weapons.

Examples of versatile martial weapons: Some examples of versatile martial weapons include the longsword, rapier, and scimitar.

Martial Ranged Weapons

Ranged weapons are also classified as martial weapons. These include both thrown and projectile weapons.

Examples of martial ranged weapons: Examples of martial ranged weapons include the javelin, crossbow, and hand crossbow.


That’s it! There are different types of martial weapons that do different things.

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