Guide: How to Unlock the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivors

Recently updated on May 26th, 2022 at 07:26 pm

If you’re racking you’re brain trying to figure out how to get the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivors, you’ve come to the right place. There are many items to unlock in Vampire Survivors. While some are tied to achievements, others require a bit of work on your part.

How to unlock the Vampire Survivors Stone Mask in 3 steps

Unlocking Stone Mask is relatively easy! We’ve boiled it down to three steps (really, two steps and some tips to keep in mind).

Step 1: Unlock the Inlaid Library

Before looking for the Stone Mask, you need to unlock the map where the Stone Mask is located. So, the first step is to unlock the Inlaid Library (the second stage of the game).

How to unlock the Inlaid Library in Vampire Survivors:

  • Reach level 20 in the Mad Forest
  • *This doesn’t need to be done with any character in particular

Step 2: Search for the Stone Mask in the Inlaid Library

Once you’ve unlocked the Inlaid Library, all you have to do is queue up the stage and search for the mask.

Where is the Stone Mask in the Inlaid Library?

  • Simply, the Stone Mask can be found on the right side of the Inlaid Library map.
  • The Inlaid Library map only allows movement left and right. Keep that in mind while you’re making your way to the Stone Mask, as it’s possible to get trapped since you can go so far up and down.
  • Make your way to the stone mask location, referencing your map. It will appear at the top of your screen on a table between two book shelves.
Vampire Survivors Stone Mask Map Location in Inlaid Library


It’s a good feeling when you earn the Vampire Survivors Stone Mask achievement (really, any of the achievements from Vampire Survivors). While you’re working towards unlocking the Stone Mask, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • For those who want to quickly unlock the Inlaid Library, use Imelda (she gets 10% more experience every 5 levels, with a max of 30%). This will help you quickly get to that level 20 threshold.
  • If you’ve been playing for a minute and have 900 gold, get 1 level in Growth as it will give you an extra 3% experience
Vampire Survivors Growth Power Up

And that’s that! Now that you’ve discovered the Stone Mask in the Inlaid Library, it will be available to you in all runs moving forward. If you choose this in game, your character will get a nice 10% more coins.

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