How to Get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go in 2022

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There are 3 ways to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go:

  • Five-Star Raids
  • Defeating Giovanni
  • Trading with a Friend

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Mewtwo Overview

There’s a lot that goes into catching Mewtwo, but the first step is learning how to defeat it. You’ll need some preparation and strategy if you want your chance at capturing this powerful Pokemon!

It’s common knowledge that legendary Pokemon are stronger than regular ones, so we know Mewtwo will be tough to catch. But with the right preparation, it’s certainly possible! Here are some things to keep in mind to prepare for your inevitable encounter with Mewtwo:

  • Mewtwo is a Psychic-type, making it weak to Bug, Dark and Ghost – be sure that you have at least one of these types when you start your fight!
  • Being a Psychic-type, that means Mewtwo is resistant to Fighting and Psychic attacks. Be sure to avoid using Pokemon equipped with those types of attacks
  • Here are Mewtwo’s stats:
    • Max Combat Power: 4178
    • Starting Attack: 300
    • Starting Stamina: 214
    • Starting Defense: 182

How to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

How to Get Mewtwo Pokemon Go

Mewtwo and Armored Mewtwo will not appear in the wild in Pokemon Go. The primary way for Trainers to get Mewtwo in Pokemon Go is through Five-Star Raids. Different from most other Pokemon in the game, Mewtwo is not a Pokemon that has a chance to appear while you’re walking around.

So how do trainers find this Pokemon in game? There are a couple ways.

How to Find Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

Like we mentioned above, Mewtwo won’t naturally spawn in the wild, which begs the question, “How do Trainers find Mewtwo in Pokemon Go?” Here’s what you can do if you’re hoping to find Mewtwo in Pokemon Go:

  1. Pokemon Go Raids – This should be no surprise, as many Legendaries can be obtained in Five-Star raids. It’s a pivotal part of the game. The down-side is that there’s no great way to plan for which Pokemon will be featured in upcoming Raids. We know that, due to the rotating nature of Raids, Mewtwo will be featured, but the best thing you can do is play the game consistently and keep an eye on Niantic’s news when it comes to featured Pokemon in Raids.
  2. Trade with friends – An obvious answer to finding Mewtwo in Pokemon Go is doing so via one of your Friends. Whoever is willing to do that for you, it should be something you are extremely careful about because the trade is expensive (trading Legendaries has a base Stardust cost of 1,000,000) and it can only happen once (once traded, a Pokemon can’t be traded back).
  3. Find Shadow Mewtwo – Like many of the Pokemon in game, there is a shadow variation of Mewtwo that can be found through Special Team Rocket Research task lines. Click here to jump down to our section about how to get Shadow Mewtwo in Pokemon Go.

Following the tips above will help you find Mewtwo, regardless of if you’re in California or Florida.

How to Catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

The time is finally here – you’ve patiently waited and worked towards getting your digital hands on a Mewtwo in Pokemon Go and no need to make that catch. It can be difficult, but we created a useful guide to help you out:

  • Wait for a Five-Star Raid event that features Mewtwo
  • Ideally, coordinate with other Trainers (you should have at least 3-4 to successfully defeat him)
  • Make sure you have an EX Raid Pass – you must have an excellent record in Raid Battles to get this
  • Before entering the raid, make sure you:
    • Have at least two Bug, Dark, or Ghost-type Pokémon – again, Mewtwo is vulnerable to those Pokemon types
    • Do NOT bring Fighting or Psychic-type Pokémon – doing so will make your job difficult at best, if not impossible
  • Optional Stock up on candy and Pokeballs
  • Enter the raid with your group of Trainers and confront Mewtwo
  • Once defeated, it’s time to make the catch! Here are a few tips:
    • Use Golden Razz Berries with each throw
    • Use the Circle Lock Throwing Technique

And that’s how to catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Go! Keep in mind, though, that there are other versions of Mewtwo (3 in total. Continue reading to learn how to find and catch Shadow Mewtwo, as well as Armored Mewtwo).

How to Get Shadow Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

how to get shadow mewtwo pokemon go

Like we mentioned above, Pokemon Go features a shadow variant of the ever-popular Mewtwo. If you’re above Level 8, here’s what to do:

  • Look for Team Rocket Research task line – it’ll reward you with a Super Rocket Radar
  • With the Super Rocket Radar, you’ll find Giovanni. Confront and defeat Giovanni and you’ll be rewarded with a Shadow Legendary Pokemon.
    • The thing to keep in mind here is that the Pokemon you’re rewarded with rotates. So you won’t be guaranteed a Shadow Mewtwo every time.

There you go! And another thing to keep in mind is that, once you have a Shadow Mewtwo, most Trainers recommend you don’t purify him. Shadow Mewtwo are both rarer and stronger than the normal version.

How to Get Armored Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

how to get armored mewtwo pokemon go

Unfortunately, Armored Mewtwo is extremely rare. In fact, the only time it was available was during a promotional event to advertise the then-new Pokemon movie on Netflix, Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution. Since then, it has not been featured. It’s likely that Armored Mewtwo will not be featured in Raids moving forward.

So, how do you get your hands on an Armored Mewtwo in Pokemon Go?

The only way Trainers can get Armored Mewtwo in Pokemon Go is by trading with Friends. Outside of that, Trainers are out of like. So, like we mentioned above, carefully consider if this is worth it and do your best at convincing a Friend to give up this rare Pokemon

How to Get Shiny Mewtwo in Pokemon Go

how to get shiny mewtwo in pokemon go

As if finding and catching Mewtwo wasn’t hard enough, it’s now time to talk through how to get a Shiny version of Mewtwo. The mechanics are the same as any other Pokemon in Pokemon Go. With each encounter, you’ll have a chance for the Pokemon to be Shiny.

Like every other Pokemon in Pokemon Go, Shinies are rare to come by, some having different rarities than others. In Mewtwo’s case, about 1 in 20 Mewtwos will be Shiny, just like all other Legendary Pokemon.

What you can expect from a Shiny Mewtwo: A Shiny Mewtwo with 100% IV will typically have 2387 CP, which goes up to 2984 in good weather conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between Mewtwo and Armored Mewtwo?

Aside from the appearance, the primary difference between Mewtwo and Armored Mewtwo in Pokemon go is the defense vs. offense. As you can imagine, Armored Mewtwo has enhanced defense and is a stronger option on that front. Likewise, regular Mewtwo has better offense.

What Pokémon type is Mewtwo?

Mewtwo is a Psychic-type Pokémon. Like we mentioned above, this means that it’s vulnerable to Bug, Dark, and Ghost-type Pokemon and resistant against Fighting and Psychic-type attacks.

What is Mewtwo weak against?

Again, as a Psychic-type, Mewtwo is weak against Dark, Bug, and Ghost-type Pokemon. When using those Pokemon types in your battle with Mewtwo, your attacks will deal extra damage.

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